The partner of  dermatologists
C&M has been put every effort to bring satisfaction to customers over the 16 years.
C&M’s cosmetics are being sold at over 500  clinics nationwide, including clinics of dermatology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics, not to mention our reputation in Hong kong and Japan.

C&M history
  • Foundation in 26th July, 2000
  • Developed by a staff of leading dermatologist with clinical experience in treating various skin conditions.
  • Based on CGMP facilities product production at KKM, Cosmax, Hanbul.
  • C&M’s CEO is the one of KKM’s Business Start-up members.
  • In 2009, C&M product was chosen by Asia product!

C&M C.E.O (Mr.YOON) is the one of the KKM’s Business start-up  members.
Mrs. Joo is a developer who has had over 30 years’ experience in the cosmetics industry.

Inquiry:  jason@icnm.co.kr